AIRiminum 2014 spa

The company manages Rimini and San Marino International Airport  ‘Federico Fellini’, reopened to commercial activity on April 1st, 2015. Through its subsidiary AIRhandling srl guarantees airport services ground handling.


9 July 2014 Constitution: foundation of  AIRiminum 2014 , whose object is the performance of the activities of development, design, implementation, adjustment, management, maintenance and use of the facilities and infrastructure for the exercise of airport activity, as well as activities connected or associated.

Participation in tender procedures announced by ENAC for managing  Rimini and San Marino international airport  ‘Federico Fellini’ launched on July 14th, 2014.

29th settembre 2014 Provisional Assignment: AIRiminum 2014 is qualified as provisional assignee with vote 85/85.

November 13th 2014  Definitve assignment: AIRiminum 2014 srl is qualified as definitive assignee.

February 9th 2014 Airport Certification: ENAC certifies the suitability of AIRiminum 2014 as airport managment company for Rimini and San Marino International Airport ‘Federico Fellini’.  The certification ensures compliance with ENAC Rules of Construction and Operation of Airports, with ICAO international regulations  for infrastructures, of the organization and operational procedures for Rimini and San Marino International Airport ‘Federico Fellini’.

Some of the main tasks of the managment company are: maintenance and development of airport infrastructure, planning, coordination and development of commercial activities, airport security, customer service, quality, safety and environmental protection.

ENAC Agreement was signed on 11 March 2015.

Advanced occupation March 27, 2015: the decree signed by ENACs General Manager authorizes AIRiminum 2014 employment and the use of state property within the ground of Rimini Miramare airport.

Certification as regulated agent AIRIMINUM 2014


January 9, 2015 Constitution: AIRiminum 2014 establishes AIRhandling S.r.l., a 100% subsidiary. The new company has the mission to provide handling services to civil and military airports, both Italian and foreign.

Handling Certification of AIRhandling April 2, 2015: Italian CAA ENAC reports that have been completed audits for certification;

May 13, 2015: ENAC issues to AIRhandling S.r.l. the suitability up to March 31, 2018 as airport ground handling service provider

Certification as regulated agent Airhandling