Laura Fincato


She was elected for four times Member of the Italian Parliament and for three times she was appointed as Undersecretary of the Italian Government: in particular, in the Ciampi Government she was Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for the relations with China. She has held various political positions, both national and local. She was head of the Secretariat of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1996 to 2000; Councilor in the City of Venice – she was responsible for the Venice Pavillon at Shanghai World Expo 2010 and for the relations with Milan World Expo 2015; for two consecutive terms, she was a member of the board of SAVE, the management company of Venice-Treviso Airports. She was responsible for institutional relations in Brussels for Omnitel/Vodafone.

She has been expert for Undersecretary Del Basso De Caro at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports.”

Leonardo Corbucci

CEO and board representative of partner promoter

Professional Experience

From 2015

AIRiminum 2014 SpA – Rimini – San Marino International Airport Management Company (thirty-year concession expiring in 2045) – Managing Director

Up to 2015

ATA ITALY Srl – Leader Company in Italian airport handling – Chief Executive
Gruppo Green Power SpA – Company listed in the Italian Stock Exchange and active in energy efficiency – Executive Board member delegated to the Finance, administration and staff areas
Ambromobiliare SpA – Merchant bank listed in the Italian Stock Exchange – Partner and Advisor in the Audit Committee. Leading company in IPO of SME on AIM

Other relevant experiences

Ernst & Young Financial Business Advisory – Risk Management – Manager responsible for developing the solution Basel 2
BNL – Planning and Control: Risk Management – IV th level manager
KPMG – Risk Management – Senior Consultant

Academic Training and Publications

University “La Sapienza”. Degree in Economics and Business – Risk management market PhD in “Banking and Finance” at the University of Rome La Sapienza – The process of capital allocation: tool for creating value for the business banking

Lucio Laureti


Chairman of Pescara Airport management company until January 2015.

University Professor in Economics (University of Bari).

Important entrepreneur in the field of petroleum distribution.

Roberto Montesi


By appointment of the Ministry of Health, chairman of the supervisory board of a major Local Sanitarian Agency.

Chairman of the board of liquidators of a political nationally party.

Member of various boards of directors.

Partner of the consulting firm LS Lexjus Sinacta.

Simone Badioli


Trader in fashion and real estate fields and vice – president of Confindustria Rimini.

With a degree in Economics from Bologna University, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of AEFFE in 1997, joining the former Chief Executive Officer.

In 2001 he was personally involved in the takeover of Pollini of which he is currently the President ; he is promoting its integration within the Group, acting to create all the necessary management and development synergies .

He is the only Chief Executive Officer of Aeffe since 2004.