AIRiminum 2014: two important agreements signed to improve tourism between Italy and Russia

At St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 (SPIEF17) AIRiminum 2014 S.p.A. signed two important strategic agreements with the Government tourism authorities and with St. Petersburg airport for the joint increase of tourist flows

Rimini, 5 June 2017 AIRiminum 2014 S.p.A. (hereinafter, AIRiminum), the management company of Rimini and San Marino International Airport “Federico Fellini”, participated in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 (SPIEF17), the most important economic and financial event of the Russian Federation, held in St. Petersburg from June the 1st to June the 3rd 2017.

Picture 1: St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017.


As a representative of Italian Government – in order to support Italian companies to intensify industrial cooperation with Russian partners – there was Mr. Carlo Calenda, the Italian Minister of Economic Development who was also protagonist of an important speech at the Round Table on bilateral economic relations: “Russia – Italy, a new Standard in Economic Cooperation and Development “.


AIRiminum 2014, represented by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Leonardo Corbucci, took part during the opening day on June the 1st, in order to sign two important strategic agreements with the Government tourism authorities and with St. Petersburg airport. The agreements will last 5 years. The two platforms, combined, pursue the ambitious project of building an ever more stable bridge between the gorgeous Russian city and Italy, capable of promoting an increase in tourist flows of Russian citizens towards our Country, of Italian citizens towards Russia and other citizens that can reach Europe or go back to their own Countries through the Rimini-St. Petersburg air route.

The first agreement was signed with the Committee for tourism development of St. Petersburg (Committee) represented by the Chairman Mr. Andrey E. Mushkarev and with Northern Capital Gateway (NGC), the Pulkovo Airport’s management company, represented by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Vladimir G. Yakushev: this platform aims to increase the regular scheduled flights between Rimini and St. Petersburg all year long by enhancing and intensifying the cooperation between AIRiminum, NGC and St. Petersburg’s Government (represented by the Committee), through a commercial combined approach with the airlines, based on favorable airport fees and on a general marketing program of St. Petersburg’s Government. The precise aim is to develop tourism between St. Petersburg and Russian regions, Rimini and the small Italian cities.

Picture 2: the signature moment.

Picture 3: the handshake between Leonardo Corbucci and Andrey E. Mushkarev.

The second agreement, instead, was signed with the Saint-Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau, represented by the General Manager Mr. Evgenii Pankevich: this platform aims to create and develop together, in Italy, an information agency that represents St. Petersburg’s tourism and cultural potential and that promotes this city within the tourist international markets. The first representative office will be opened within 2017 at “Fellini” airport.

Picture 4: the handshake between Leonardo Corbucci and Evgenii Pankevich.

“Thanks to these two important signatures – declares Mr. Leonardo Corbucci, CEO of AIRiminum 2014 – we have laid the foundations for a remarkable combined project on the front of the tourism between Italy and Russia. We believe that the current role of an airport operator, a public concessionaire, should be to develop international relations’ network to be made available to the territory and the Country it represents. It is necessary that these networks become bridges for the transit, in one direction and other, of different kinds of flows. The great opportunity that AIRiminum is offering to all Romagna tourism operators, private and institutional, is to become, together, active main actors in intercepting these international flows, in interpreting them and in designing the right tourist product for them. The International tourism operators and the Government Authorities of important Countries (Russia, Israel etc.), accept our proposals with approval and enthusiasm, to the point of providing us with tools that are crucial for the project’s success. This confirms that we took the right path and encourages us to keep working to promote the territory we represent around the world, aware that shortly these important results – already achieved – will turn into tourists, and therefore, passengers for the airports, costumers for the various operators and tourist numbers for the Tourism Institutions.”