1. AIRiminum 2014 S.p.A. provides travelers with parking lots with entrances and exit barriers, consisting of stalls identified by road markings for passenger parking or passenger loading and unloading operations.
  2.  Access, circulation and parking in areas outside the terminal are subject to the provisions of the Enac ordinance no. 29/2019 of 07/06/2019
  3. This regulation governs access to parking A intended for private users or private vehicles that DO NOT carry out activities accompanying passengers as a result of financial compensation or connected to commercial activities that involve the transport of their customers.
  4. The introduction of the vehicle in the parking lot implies full acceptance of the following regulation and parking fees.
  5. Users are required to park the vehicles in the specially marked stalls in compliance with the horizontal and vertical signs so as not to hinder other users. Irregularly parked vehicles can be removed by charging the respective costs to the user. AIRiminum 2014 S.p.A. will consider abandoned the cars inside the parking lot exceeded the term of 90 days from the date of entry. Abandonment will be reported to the competent authorities for any subsequent action.
  6. Access to the vehicles takes place by collecting the ticket at the entry column.
  7. The cars exit by entering the ticket at the exit stations upon payment of the planned parking fee at the automatic tellers.
  8. The period of occupation of the car space will be divided as indicated in the tariff table. A stop of less than 10 minutes is not subject to payment. From the moment of payment, the user has an additional 10 minutes to leave the parking lot.
  9. The coupon must be validated in the special check-out machine even if the stay is less than 10 minutes.
  10. In case of loss of the entrance coupon or its deterioration such as to render it illegible, the user will be required to pay the flat rate fee of EUR 250.00.
  11. Passengers with reduced mobility have at their disposal special stalls duly reported free of charge. In order to benefit from the exemption of the parking fee, users must contact the information desk located inside the terminal which will replace the park ticket upon presentation of the authorization mark. If the information office is closed, assistance can be received via the intercom located at the exit post.
  12. The assistance of the operators for the management of the bars is guaranteed only during the opening hours to the public and in any case from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm 7 days a week.
  13. It is absolutely forbidden to keep flammable and / or harmful materials and / or animals and / or other objects in parked vehicles that could present a danger.
  14. The manager declines all responsibility in the event of damage or theft attempted or consumed by the vehicle, parts of it or other objects left inside it.
  15. Customers are directly responsible for damage caused to people, animals or things.
  16. Access to parking A is not allowed for vehicles that carry out collective transport activities, for example and not limited to Taxi, NCC, shuttle services, charter buses for which there are dedicated rates for access to the parking lots C and D assigned to them. Requests for information on rates and any subscription badge can be sent by e-mail to

Per l’accesso al parcheggio per operatori aeroportuali si prega di prendere visione dell’ordinanza ENAC n. 4/2021 del 25 Maggio 2021