AIRiminum 2014 holds directly, or through its subsidiary AIRhandling , the ground handling services for General Aviation flights that include:

  • Private Airline companies who serve passenger demand, or transport of individuals using their owned aircraft: AIRiminum 2014 organizes a professional and specialized service, able to meet the various requests and needs of the most demanding customer and provide assistance to VIP flights..
  • Fliyng schools, small private planes and aircraft work services, advertising, Air Ambulance, humanitarian flights, commercial taxi flights ecc.

Ground handling services for private flights

Rimini and San Marino International Airport  ‘Federico Fellini’ provides numerous support services on the ground for private flights.

Below is a summary of ground services provided by AIRhandling (or AIRiminum 2014) and the services provided by other operators.

Services and operators

Services provided by Airiminum 2014:

  • Booking parking stand
  • Ground administration and supervision: representation with local authorities
  • Passangers: assistance throuhg immigration and customs
  • Baggage: preparation, transport and loading/unloading
  • Airside operations: Follow-me assistance, marshalling, Ground equipment
  • Cleaning of aircraft
  • De/anti-icing, removal of snow
  • Flight operation and crew assistance: flight documentation, weather folder
  • Ground Transportation : crew, passenger and baggage to/from aircraft

Other operator services

Aircourtesy: Catering

Carboil: Refuelling


More informations and bookings:


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